About Brera Sterne

Brera Sterne is one of the minor characters in the anime series Macross Frontier. He is a mysterious figure with an equally mysterious connection to one of the main characters, Ranka Lee. Brera can be first seen in the first opening song sequence, Triangler, but he makes his episode debut at the end of episode seven, where he plays Ranka's special trademark song, Aimo, on his harmonica after hearing Ranka sing. Of course this suggested a connection between the two, something that would not be explained until much later in the series.

Ranka and Brera have their first real meeting when Ranka gets attacked by a lion creature. Brera saves her from the beast, and sustained heavy injuries himself. He introduces himself and promptly disappears, having probably been there because he was curious about Ranka. Later he is seen communicating with someone in charge of him, repremanding him for injuring his cyborg body, and revealing he is searching for his lost memories.

Spoilers ahead!!

As it turns out, Brera is really Ranka's older brother, the last of her remaining family. The connection they have is that as well as their mother's song, Aimo, which Brera would play on his harmonica and Ranka would sing it with him. But before much of this revelation, Brera gets assigned to be Ranka's bodyguard, and would eventually help her run off and chase after what is in her heart (uniting her accidental pet Vajra to the rest of his kind), both becoming outlaws and traitors.

Grace O'Connor, who would become the main villain in the story, has Brera under her control, due to her claims of holding his missing memories. She controls him with the clip on his hair, and would later try to use Ranka, too. But Brera stays loyal to Ranka, and after Grace is defeated in the end, Brera is left presumably leading a peaceful life with his sister at long last.